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Nurse Writer’s Course

Carol with her mentor and life partner, Mario Puzo

Carol with her mentor and life partner, author Mario Puzo

Nurses have great stories.  We know the secrets from the corridors of hospitals that most people don’t know. Knowing how important your stories are to help others, how you can make more money, get more respect and have more freedom to spend with your family are very nice bonuses too!

I took a few courses before I became a bestselling author and I had a great mentor.  And with that one book, I helped change the lives of more people than I had in all my years of nursing.

I was able to do it (and then do it again and again!) and I know you can too. I would like to help you and share with you all I’ve learned about how to write and publish a bestselling book in the smartest way I’ve learned how.

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Carol Gino